Sustainability at the Inn on Lake SuperiorIf you have been following us for the last several years you may have noticed our commitment to sustainability and the environment. Here at The Inn on Lake Superior we continually strive to sustain our natural resources by creating a culture of care for our business, our community and our environment. But, what does that mean??

What that means is that we are continually trying to find new ways and ideas to provide a healthy and sustainable environment for our employee’s and guests. We have implemented both a Public Area and In-Room recycling program to decrease the amount of trash that we are putting into the landfills. Because of this effort, we were awarded the 2010 Minnesota Waste Wise Leader Award for our outstanding waste reduction, recycling, and energy efficiency efforts!

Here are some of the additional changes we have made to help lower our carbon footprint:

  • Our newly remodeled rooms have:
    • Carpet pad made with 100% recycled rubber.
    • Wall vinyl has 30% recycled content.
    • Room Carpet has 25% recycled content.
    • Future room artwork through a local artist.
  • We practice environmentally responsible purchasing whenever possible.
  • Purchase locally whenever possible.
  • We have an amenity program in place where we send all unused amenities to our local shelters.
  • Replace equipment with Energy Star purchases.
  • All sinks are equipped with 1.5 GPM (gallons per minute) aerators which conserves our water usage.
  • FL lighting throughout the hotel.
  • Organic, Fair Trade and Local Alakef Coffee is served 24 hours a day. We also chose an organic decaffeinated coffee, where the caffeine is removed naturally using the “Swiss Water Process”, which removes the caffeine using carbonated water in the place of chemicals. The local business also only has 13 employees!
  • Motion sensors have been installed in our public bathrooms to conserve energy.
  • Our water is heated with the left over steam from the Duluth Steam Plant.
  • Our In-Room amenities are biodegradable.
  • Our keys cards are 100% recycled PVC/Plastic.
  • Guest Room and Public Area recycling options.
  • Specified “choose to reuse” program which includes recycling.
  • Chemical Free Lawn.

Our commitment to sustainable lodging does not end here. We are continually educating ourselves and working hard to make sure that we are able to provide the healthiest environment for you, our guests, at “Your Home Away From Home”…..Please continue to follow our journey to a Greener Inn!

Education, Awards, and Recognitions:

2009 – “Early Adopter”

The first group in the Twin Ports Early Adopter Program –

2008 “Explore Minnesota Tourism Award”

in the business category.

2009 “Lake Superior Bi-National Award”

for our efforts towards creating a sustainable business on the shores of Lake Superior.

2010 “Minnesota Waste Wise Leader Award”

for our outstanding waste reduction, recycling, and energy efficiency efforts.

We have also worked with our local college students at UMD – this not only benefited The Inn but gave them learning opportunities for school. – They have created a case study for The Inn on Lake Superior, a podcast about green hotels, among other things including interviews and papers.